The Image Apothecary Answers Your Most Common Questions:


How can I use the images from The Image Apothecary?

There are so many ways you can use them! For your business or personal use, including but not limited to:

  • Website graphics, such as banners, backgrounds, buttons, social media advertising, etc.
  • Social media graphics such as Facebook covers, Instagram photos, Pinterest & blog graphics.
  • Product Photos for your online shop or bookstore. Simply overlay your product using an image editing software like Photoshop.
  • To Share your design work if you are a website designer/developer or graphic designer.
  • Credit is appreciated, but not required. Please do not claim the images as your own.
  • Check out our Instagram for lots of design inspiration on how others are using the images!


What are some ways I cannot use the images?

Our terms of use are designed to be easy to understand and implement, and we want the images to be versatile so that you can use them in many ways. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind though, in which you cannot use the imgages:

  • You cannot sell, loan, transfer, or give away images or otherwise allow a third-party to use the images in any way
  • Your account & purchases made are for your own personal / professional use. You cannot share your login information or purchased products. If it is found that you are sharing, selling, or misusing our images, legal action may be taken against you for violating our terms. No exceptions.
  • You cannot create products to print from the images and sell them (As a designer, you can create these graphics for clients on a custom basis). For example, you cannot add text to a photo and sell it as a print, or make a book graphic and sell as a t-shirt. You cannot use The Image Apothecary images to create branding logos to resell.
  • Please read our Terms of Service for more detailed information.


How do I edit the images?

Simply purchase an image or pack and download it to your computer. Open the image in your preferred image editing program or online application. You can use Photoshop, Illustrator, Picmonkey, Canva, Affinity, Pixlr, Pixelmator etc. You can then resize, change colors, crop, add text, or overlay your own products & designs to the images. Save to your computer and then upload where needed.



I lost my images, can I download them again?


The Image Apothecary is not responsible for any unsaved or lost products that have been purchased. Because of the ever changing nature of the website, products are often moved or discontinued. We only allow 3 downloads per product purchased, if you exceed your download amounts you must repurchase that product to access it. We advise you to download your purchased images right away and back them up on a hardrive/cloud drive for future use. We will not resend or refund purchases that have been processed. Clearance items are subject to discontinuation without notice. If you have any questions about how you can use our images, please contact us.


How does credit and copyright work?

Regina Wamba & Yuli Xenexai | The Image Apothecary remain the sole and exclusive owners and holders of the copyright of the image.
Credit / Attribution is not required, but always appreciated. Remember to use #theimageapothecary or @theimageapothecary so we can see how you use the images and even feature your work! 



How many photos are currently in the stock library?

There are around 20,000 images on the site right now. New images are added often, so there is always awesome content. 


I'm having issues with my downloads, what do I do?

As per our terms of service, all clients have 30 days from time of purchase to notify us of any technical issues with the order, including links or downloads. We strongly encourage you to download all of your purchases immediately to avoid any complications with your order. We are happy to resolve any account/orders within the 30 days, but beyond that we will not troubleshoot, resend, or refund your purchases. You can contact us thru our website here. 


What format do the images come in?

The images found in every category come in high resolution JPEG format. These images will be compatible with any editing software or app you would like to use to insert your images onto.  

I'm a web designer/graphic designer/PA and I want to use your photos for my client work. Can I?

Absolutely! We believe in supporting artists! Please credit where the photos came from. You may use the images to create client promotional graphics–however, you may not transfer any files in their original form to your clients from The Image Apothecary (the image must be different than how your purchased it).

If you have any questions about how you can use our images, please contact us.


I want to buy your images, but don’t have the software or time to insert them. Can you help?

Fear not! We can help! If you need inserts done or need other service providers- join our Facebook group here to find our list of designers FB group list.

If you have any questions about the insert service, please contact us.